Key chain twist rolling ring custom

Style No. BR725CTR

Handmade in Japan

Handmade key hook with vintage feel twist chain with a double ring and added sand casted rolling ring custom.  Rolling ring prevents chain twisting. Standard: 43cm, Optional middle: 53cm. Key hook is made entirely from 5 mm brass rods one by one, engraved Kobashi Japanese letters. The chain is woven by a master machine operator with old chain-making machine from more than 50 years ago, and is specially barrel polished by a polisher in Saitama to create original brass color. The ring and double rings are manufactured by a hardware supplier founded in the early 1900s. The hooks are angled to fit the body beautifully. 100% solid brass. Comes with wax paper envelope.

Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 43 × 3.1 × 1.3 cm

Wax paper envelope

Chain size

A: 2.5mm, B: 1.2cm, C: 0.9cm

Optional length

Middle: 53cm

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