The fusion of the best Japanese materials and skillfully craftsmanship managed by founder Junichi Kobashi is the essence of Kobashi Studio.



Japanese Solid Brass

JIS standard C3604 for handmade key hooks, C2680 for brass business card holders are selected for example. The most suitable Japanese solid brass is selected depending on the part to be made. 


All different shapes original solid brass key hooks made by bending straight brass rods one by one, handmade by a second generation family operated metalcraftsmen. Curved shape to fit the body. Optional hammered finish is also available.


Sand Casting

Buckles, belt hooks, snaps, shackles, and other components are sand casted and handcrafted with an artistic sand texture by a family of independent artisans and a small hardware manufacturing company since 1948.

Brass Chain

The vintage-feel solid brass chain is woven by a master machine operator with old chain-making machine from more than 50 years ago. We have variety of choices of solid brass chain selection.

Press Molding

Our main press molded solid brass products are produced by a family-operated press molding company since 1974.

turnery Process

The original brass turned parts are manufactured in a second-generation metal craftsman family in Tokyo, where old cam-type machines are available.

Barrel Polishing

Solid brass matte finish and color is controlled by an independent barrel polishing craftsman family in Saitama. 

Wire Rolled Rings

Solid brass wire rolled rings selected for keychains are made by a speciality wire rolled ring company since 1972 in Tokyo.

Brass Plating

The steel spring is solid brass color plated by a family operated plating company since 1915.

Foot Stamping

Analogue engravings, which may not handmade, are stamped into the metal one by one by foot on a traditional foot-operated press.

Laser marking

Engraving on small parts such as beads is carried out by laser processing using Japanese precision technology that can be adjusted to the nearest 0.01 mm.

Brass Zipper

Selected YKK solid brass zippers made in Japan, assembled one by one by craftsmen at a manufacturer specializing in zippers since 1957.

Brass Parts

Solid brass snap fasteners are made by Snap Fastener Company, founded in Tokyo in 1948. Solid brass eyelets are made by an eyelet manufacturer in Osaka, founded in 1947.


SELECTED BEST Japanese pure materials

Metal Parts

Tough nickel-plated fittings made of steel and zinc alloys are used for bags with aluminum zippers. They are mainly manufactured by family-operated hardware companies established in the early 1900s.

Metal Zipper

Military-style solid aluminum zippers are also used on a limited basis. assembled one by one by craftsmen at a manufacturer specializing in zippers since 1957.

Original Leather

Kobashi Studio has started ordering original leather from a tannery founded in 1911 in Himeji from 2023.
100%Vegetable plant tanned which takes 3 months to produce one piece of leather.

Saddle leather

100% vegetable-tanned saddle leather, produced in a tannery established in Tochigi in 1937, is selected as standard for the belt and handle.

Deer Leather

Deerskin leather tanned in Japan is processed into cordage and used for straps and bracelets. They can also be sliced into 2mm width using Japanese techniques.

Pig Suede

The bracelet pouch is made of luxurious pig suede, a Japanese raw hide tanned in Tokyo, and manufactured by a company specializing in packaging since 1912.

Paraffin Canvas

The 19oz to 12oz heavy canvas is woven with a vintage looms in Okayama by a fabric manufacturer established in 1885.  Paraffin coated water-resistant finish for maximum aging with chalk marks.

Glass Beads

The beads on the bracelets, which have a new vintage look, are made by a bead company since 1930, using a manufacturing process that involves a lot of manual labor by craftsmen.

Organic cotton

Cotton scarves are made from custom-made 100% Supima organic cotton yarn spun in Osaka and manufactured by a weaving company established in 1896.

Nylon Tape

The highest-strength nylon tape used by Japanese government organizations also is ordered from a tape manufacturing company established in Shizuoka in 1950.

Hemp code

The thread used for the bracelet is a Japanese cord made of four twisted strands of waxed hemp yarn, which is considered the strongest of all natural fibers. Supplied by a thread company that has been in business since the Edo period (1603 – 1868).

PP thread

For sewing canvas and leather products, we use the highest quality Japanese polypropylene thread, produced by a Japanese thread manufacturer since 1918.

Waxed Paper

The wax paper packaging which appears the chalk mark is produced by a packaging company in Fukuoka that began producing green tea paper bags in 1955.

Kraft paper

Strong Japanese kraft paper made from unbleached pulp, produced at a paper mill established in Shizuoka in 1950, is used for cards and product tags

Accessory Development

Highest level in Japan

Canvas Production

We are working with workshop in Hyogo established in 1973 that can sew hard canvas to sew our canvas products. Founder Junichi Kobashi has been searching all over Japan since 2015 and finally found the best workshop in 2022.

Wallet Production

Sewn on old Japanese sewing machines and polished by hand, the wallets are manufactured in wallet workshop in Chiba with artisans with over 50 years of experience.

Belt Production

The handmade belts and the handles of the bags are made by a second-generation belt craftsmen family in Tokyo.