OEM Development

Made-in-Japan Accessories

Handmade in JapaN

With Love

KOBASHI STUDIO’s expertise in developing made-in-Japan accessories can be directly applied to the creation of original products for your company. We are aware of all the materials for fashion accessories that exist in Japan, including metal fittings, leather, and fabrics. We also work with the most suitable workshops and craftsmen for each process.
You can entrust us with the development of metal fittings and parts, as well as the production of bags, wallets, pouches, key chains, bracelets, casual jewelry, and more. We can plan and produce both men’s and women’s products.

Highest Japanese Quality

The quality is naturally of the highest quality in Japan, since the products are manufactured by the first class craftsmen and workshops that produce Kobashi Studio's products.

Handmade Small MOQ

Small lot production is possible, taking advantage of the characteristics of handmade products. We can accommodate original wallets from 30 pieces and key chains and bags from 50-100 pieces.

Affordable price range

We are well aware of foreign business practices. We aim for the highest quality made in Japan, but at a price that is in line with the cost of your country.

Simple and Easy

How to order

1. Contact

Please contact with a rough sketch or image photo and approx volume that you would like to make.

2. Checking Details

We will explain the materials and development process, and tell you approx cost at this stage if we know already.

3. sample production

Once the specifications and rough price are agreed upon, sample production will start. In some cases, we only need a photo of the sample to get an OK, and in other cases, we will send the actual sample. If the sample needs to be modified, we will make a sample again.

4. Production

A final estimate will be submitted after the sample is completed. We will confirm the schedule of the workshop and start full production only after all conditions are agreed upon. We will keep you informed of the progress during production. After the production is finished, we will inspect the products and send them to you by EMS or courier.


Most frequent questions and answers

The minimum order price is 600USD or 500EUR in total. For orders over 1100USD or 1000EUR, we will cover the shipping costs.

We can develop about 50-100 key chains, 30 wallets, 50 bags, and 30-50 belts etc.  Basically all same design. The volume may vary slightly depending on the specific and color variation.
If you only want to order ready-made solid brass hardwares, you can do so for a minimum total price 600USD or 500EUR.

Yes, it is possible. Custom orders for items that are always in production can be accepted flexibly without minimum lot. Please consult with us.

Yes, it is possible. We can produce sand casting brass hardware in quantities as low as 300 pieces. For computer-cut hardware, we may be able to accommodate as few as 100 pieces.
We have not been able to develop new metal hardwares that require a new “mold” such as a Snap, as they require a lot size of several thousand pieces. We recommend that you choose from among the many designs already available.

Yes, we can. We will make according to your request.

Yes, it is possible. Please ask us for Japanese products and materials that are difficult to purchase from your countries.