Traditional Beads Necklace 5mm Red/Off-White/Black

Style No. BNL5012

Handmade in Japan

Red, off-white, black and red combination 5mm beads necklace. Native American beaded bracelets are arranged through the filter of Junichi Kobashi. Hand brazed solid brass end ring and bar is selected. Standard length is 60cm. The length and the color of the beads can be customized to the order of the shops.

The Japanese glass beads each of which is a different size are made using traditional methods and manufactured at a beads factory established in 1930.

Luxury handmade Japanese pig suede pouch is included.

※This item previously had a selection of brass beads, but these have all been changed to glass beads. The price has also been changed to be little more affordable.



Additional information

Weight 23 g
Dimensions 60 × 0.5 cm
Beads size

Glass beads: 5mm


Handmade Japanese pig suede pouch

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