Traditional Beads Bracelet 5mm Gunmetal Blue/Off White/Orange

Style No. BRL5011

Handmade in Japan

Gunmetal Blue, off-white and orange combination 5mm beads bracelet. Native American beaded bracelets are arranged through the filter of Junichi Kobashi.

The Japanese glass beads each of which is a different size are made using traditional methods and manufactured at a beads factory established in 1930. Brass beads are manufactured by a hardware company established in 1930. The adjusting beads with Japanese Kobashi letter markings are originally developed and manufactured in Tokyo. Deerskin code tanned in Japan is cut to 2mm width by Japanese craftsman technique. Each piece of leather code is treated with finishing materials by hand to reduce leather debris.

The free cut fits perfectly on all people’s wrists. Luxury handmade Japanese pig suede pouch is included.


Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 42 × 0.5 cm
Beads size

Center brass beads: 7mm, Glass beads: 5mm


Handmade Japanese pig suede pouch

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